Inboundly maximizes Twitter conversion rates with advanced CRM, auto-segmentation, quick replies, and transparent pricing. Smart Inbox and integration with Zapier help manage leads efficiently. Free trial available.

Feature 1: Smart Inbox
Feature 2: Quick Replies
Feature 3: Auto-Segmentation

What is Inboundly?

Inboundly is a game-changer for anyone looking to maximize their conversion rates on Twitter. With advanced CRM features and the ability to turn DMs into deals 10x faster, Inboundly truly stands out in the crowded market of social media tools. The auto-segmentation and opportunity scores make it easy to prioritize leads and focus on the most potential prospects. The quick replies feature is a time-saver, allowing users to send templated messages in milliseconds and improve efficiency across their team. Inboundly's pricing plans are transparent and tailored to fit businesses of all sizes, ensuring that each user can invest precisely in the capabilities that drive value for their unique needs. The free 14-day trial is a fantastic opportunity for users to test out all the features without any commitment, making it a risk-free way to experience the power of Inboundly.

Inboundly's Smart Inbox and CRM features give users the tools they need to manage, qualify, and nurture leads seamlessly. The ability to integrate with Zapier opens up a world of possibilities for automation and customization, while the follow-up reminders ensure that no lead slips through the cracks. The support guides provided by Inboundly make it easy for users to get the most out of the platform and optimize their sales process for maximum efficiency. With a focus on helping users close more deals in less time, Inboundly is a must-have tool for anyone serious about leveraging Twitter for business purposes. Don't let your inbox lose you deals - optimize your sales process with Inboundly today!

Inboundly's commitment to transparency and compliance with X/Twitter API guidelines ensures that users can trust the platform to keep their accounts safe. The automated categorization of leads based on predefined keywords simplifies the segmentation process and allows users to target the right prospects effortlessly. The quick replies feature is a game-changer, enabling users to respond to messages instantly with fully customizable templated messages. Inboundly's pricing structure is clear and tailored to fit the needs of a wide range of users, from essential CRM features in the Growth plan to advanced capabilities and premium support in the Scale plan. The free 14-day trial is the perfect opportunity to experience the power of Inboundly firsthand and see how it can help you close more deals in less time.

How to Use Inboundly?

Step 1: Sign Up and Start Your Free Trial
  • Visit the Inboundly homepage.
  • Click on the 'Start for Free' button.
  • Fill in your basic information to create an account.
  • No credit card required! Simply confirm your email to activate your 14-day free trial.
Step 2: Connect Your X/Twitter Account
  • Once logged in, navigate to the 'Integrations' section.
  • Click on 'Connect X/Twitter Account'.
  • Authorize Inboundly to access your X/Twitter DMs via the X/Twitter API.
  • Ensure you grant all necessary permissions for seamless CRM functionality.
Step 3: Set Up Auto-Segmentation
  • Go to the 'Settings' tab in your Inboundly dashboard.
  • Navigate to 'Auto-Segmentation' settings.
  • Define your keywords or phrases to segment your leads automatically.
  • Configure lists and opportunity scores based on your conversion goals.
Step 4: Customize Your Quick Replies
  • In the 'Quick Replies' section, create templates for common responses.
  • Customize messages for frequently asked questions and follow-ups.
  • Share templates across your workspace for consistency and efficiency.
  • Test the quick reply feature by typing commands and hitting ↵.
Step 5: Manage and Prioritize Your DMs
  • Access your 'Smart Inbox' from the Inboundly dashboard.
  • Utilize filters to prioritize unread messages and high-opportunity leads.
  • Schedule follow-up reminders directly from your inbox.
  • Add notes to each conversation for better lead nurturing.
Step 6: Export Leads and Integrate with Other Tools
  • Navigate to the 'Export Leads' option in your dashboard.
  • Choose the format and destination for exporting your leads.
  • Sync Inboundly with other tools like Zapier for enhanced workflows.
  • Configure custom-built integrations specific to your business needs.
Step 7: Monitor Opportunity Scores
  • Review the 'Opportunity Scores' assigned to your leads in real time.
  • Prioritize leads based on their scores for effective follow-ups.
  • Adjust your scoring criteria in 'Auto-Segmentation' settings for more accurate results.
Step 8: Schedule and Nurture Leads
  • Use the 'Follow-Up Reminders' to set automatic reminders for touchpoints.
  • Add nurturing tasks and deadlines directly within Inboundly.
  • Track your progress and interaction history with leads.
Step 9: Utilize One-on-One Support
  • Visit the 'Support' section for access to guides and tutorials.
  • Utilize the 'Contact Us' feature for tailored support.
  • If your plan includes it, communicate with the Inboundly team via Slack for real-time assistance.
Step 10: Upgrade Your Plan Based on Needs
  • Review the 'Pricing' page to explore different plan options.
  • Select the plan that best suits your business requirements.
  • Upgrade from the free trial to a paid plan to continue benefiting from Inboundly's advanced features.

Inboundly Features

Feature 1: Smart Inbox

The Smart Inbox feature in Inboundly is designed to help users organize and prioritize their direct messages on X/Twitter. By leveraging advanced CRM features, the Smart Inbox turns chaotic DMs into actionable leads, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Function Detail

  • With the Smart Inbox, users can prioritize unread messages, schedule follow-ups, add notes, and respond instantly with pre-defined quick replies. This feature streamlines the process of managing DMs and ensures that important leads are not overlooked.
  • The Smart Inbox also offers auto-segmentation, which categorizes leads based on predefined keywords, making it easier to target the right prospects. Additionally, the Opportunity Score feature assigns a score to each lead based on their interest and conversion potential, allowing users to focus on qualified leads first.

Feature 2: Quick Replies

Quick Replies in Inboundly are designed to streamline the process of responding to direct messages on X/Twitter. These customizable responses enable users to send templated messages, execute follow-up sequences, and provide instant answers to common questions, all with the click of a button.

Function Detail

  • Quick Replies are shared across the workspace, allowing team members to access and use them seamlessly. Users can create, edit, and organize quick replies to ensure consistent messaging and improve response times.
  • Unlike other platforms, Inboundly's Quick Replies feature offers blazingly fast response times, with messages auto-filled in milliseconds. This ensures that users can engage with leads quickly and efficiently, enhancing communication and building stronger relationships.

Feature 3: Auto-Segmentation

Auto-Segmentation in Inboundly is a powerful feature that automates the process of categorizing leads based on predefined keywords. By automatically assigning leads to specific lists, users can target the right prospects more effectively and tailor their outreach strategies for better results.

Function Detail

  • Whenever a direct message is received, Auto-Segmentation categorizes the lead and adds them to the relevant list based on the defined keywords. This simplifies the segmentation process and ensures that leads are organized for targeted engagement.
  • Auto-Segmentation also assigns an Opportunity Score to each lead, indicating their level of interest and potential for conversion. This scoring system helps users prioritize leads and focus on high-value opportunities without manual intervention.

Inboundly Pricing

  • Growth

    Powerful features & multiple inboxes.


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